• Welcome to Clent Dental Care

    Premier Dental Care
    Because you are
    worth it...

    On behalf of the dental team,
    we would like to extend a warm
    welcome to Clent Dental Care.

    Dentist Nathan Turner
  • Our Team

    We have an experienced & dedicated team
    at Clent Dental Care.
    Our Principle Dentist is Dr Nathan Turner.
    Our Practice Manager is Mrs Susan Turner.

    Clent Dentist Team
  • Our Dental Plan

    Adults - £13.99 per month
    (children below 5yrs come free with an adult plan!)
    Children - 5yrs and above
    £5.50 per month

    Hagley Dentist

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association dental implantology
British Society for Occlusal Studies
Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry
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