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Porcelain / Ceramic Crowns at Clent Dental Care

What is a Crown
A crown is also quite often called a cap, is an artificial shell, shaped to resemble a tooth and made from white porcelain, a ceramic material, gold or metal alloy.
The latest advances in ceramics means porcelain crowns are indistinguishable from your own natural teeth.
It is usually used to restore a tooth which has been heavily filled over a number of years resulting in it becoming weak and/or unsightly, or a tooth that has broken down to a level that a routine filling would not be successful.

Before Crowns and After Crowns
Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of front teeth that have become heavily worn down or damaged as a result of accident or decay. As long as there is a healthy tooth root present, most teeth can be crowned.
What to expect?
The dentist will normally ask for 2 appointments with you, the first visit to prepare the crown, he will remove weakened parts of the tooth, clean and dry the area so it is equipped to hold a crown. A temporary crown will be fitted (so you will always go away with a tooth) and an impression taken of this crown to send to the laboratory to make a new permanent one.
The next visit is shorter and here he will fit the crown the laboratory have made for you.
Our crowns are made within an accuracy of a hundredth of a millimeter a scale too small to register by human eye only and done by computer technology and then hand-finished in our dedicated lab to match your personal specifications by an experienced technician. Providing you take care of your teeth crowns can last for years.


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