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Dental Bridges at Clent Dentist

What is a Fixed Bridge?
A Bridge fixes a replacement tooth (or teeth) to the natural teeth on either side of the gap.
Some bridges have crowns at each end.
Others are fixed to the surface of the teeth next to the gap.
Sometimes a bridge is only fixed to the tooth on one side of the gap.
Bridges are made of metal and porcelain, sometimes just porcelain, and occasionally composite.

Before Dental Bridge and After Bridge
Dental Bridge

What will my Dentist do?
There are several stages in making a bridge.
First we use a soft, mouldable material to take impressions of your mouth to make exact plaster models of your upper and lower teeth and gums, these show how your teeth bite together.
We prepare the teeth which will support the bridge.
Another impression is taken of your mouth, and a dental technician uses this to make your bridge.
A temporary plastic bridge or temporary crown may be fitted in the meantime.
On your final visit we will check that your bridge fits properly, making any necessary minor adjustments and fixing it permanently in place.
We will then show you the best way to keep your new bridge clean.
Fixed Bridge

Benefits of a Fixed Bridge
* A bridge lets you forget that you have missing teeth.
* It can improve the way you look, bite, chew and speak.
* The teeth can be matched to the colour of your own teeth or the colour improved.
* A bridge can last many years if you keep it clean and if there is no accidental damage.
* Adjacent or opposing natural teeth are protected from wear and tear or from moving or tilting out of line or from over-eruption which can lead to unnecessary problems.

Fixed Bridge


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