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    Dentist Nathan Turner
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    We have an experienced & dedicated team
    at Clent Dental Care.
    Our Principle Dentist is Dr Nathan Turner.
    Our Practice Manager is Mrs Susan Turner.

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    Adults - £13.99 per month
    (children below 5yrs come free with an adult plan!)
    Children - 5yrs and above
    £5.50 per month

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General Dentistry at Clent Dental Care

Fillings – A dental Filling is used to fill a cavity which is… Read More

Bridges - A Bridge fixes a replacement tooth (or teeth) to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. Some bridges… Read More

Crowns - A crown is also quite often called a cap, is an artificial shell, shaped to resemble a tooth and made from white porcelain, a ceramic material, gold or metal alloy. The latest advances... Read More

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Dentures - A removable denture replaces missing teeth. 'Partial' dentures replace a few missing teeth and 'full' dentures are… Read More

Root canal filings - Endodontics is root canal therapy. Teeth are held into the jaw by roots. Front teeth normally have one root but teeth further back have more. At the core of each tooth is a soft mass of tissue called pulp. In a healthy tooth the pulp contains living fibres… Read More

Hygiene Treatment - Dental hygiene ensures difficult to reach plaque is removed from your teeth. It removes rough surfaces which contribute to build up of bacteria and improves… Read More

Quick Sleeper Pen - A Quick Sleeper Pen is no more uncomfortable injections. Quick sleeper is… Read More

Xrays & Oral Imaging - For your convenience and so that you are instantly able to see your teeth we have an intraoral camera… Read More


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