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Plasma Rich Growth Factors (PRGF) Facial Rejuvenation at Clent Dental Care

Revolutionary new treatment for the cosmetic industry to Reverse the sign of ageing.<
PRGF is the Natural way and answer!
Do You Want to look years younger?
◊ Less wrinkles facial lines loose their depth
◊ Better skin consistency PRGF endoret promotes secretion of collagen and elastin , giving firmness and reducing sagging skin
◊ Improved hydration of your skin ensures high level of hydration as shown in clinical trials
◊ Increased brightness of your skin the lustre of your skin improves progressively

The plasma facial known as PRP or plasma rich proteins, is premier news in anti ageing right now.
The treatment is designed to combat the signs of ageing without the need for surgery.
Using very small amounts of blood taken from your arm, about the same amount taken in a normal blood test.
This blood is then separated through a process of centrifugation (spinning) into the layers of red blood cell, clear serum and platelets.
The platelets are the important components here as they release growth factors which stimulate healing, skin repair and skin regeneration.
The serum is injected painlessly into the surface area of skin to be treated.
The serum is rich in growth factors, natural proteins that then speed up healing and reverse damage in the body.
This rejuvenating facial is harnessing and using the body's NATURAL and normal repair mechanisms.
The serum stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry wrinkled and dull skin feel and look younger, naturally.
The treatment can be used for the face, hair, neck, knees, elbows, and other areas. Dr S Cohen and Dr L Montalacini were awarded the Nobel prize in the 1950s for discovering growth factors and their work with this and since then there have been over 3000 medical studies done supporting its effectives.

How many treatments are required?
◊ It is recommended that 3 initial treatments are given, 3-4 weeks apart. After this 1 -2 treatment a year to maintain the desired effects. This is tailored to individual requirements according to skin tone, age, lifestyle etc.

How long till I see results?
◊ You may see a result as soon as you leave and this will become apparent more over the next few days as the tissues start to regenerate.
There is then a cumulative effect that multiplies after each treatment, this is why we recommend 3 treatments to optimise the benefits.

Is the treatment safe and what side effects may I experience?
You may have very slight bruises in the odd area and feel mild discomfort but expect nothing severe, we can apply a topical anaesthetic if you would like. However, the Magic micro needle makes the procedure painless.
There is no question of allergic reaction as the plasma is obtained entirely from your own blood.
PRGF endoret is 100% natural whereas, other PRP systems use animal products to activate the plasma.
PRGF endoret is an accumulation of 15 years research and published scientific results, it has FDA ( American) and CE (European) certification for facial treatments.
New areas with successful applications include dental implants, oral/facial surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, and sports medicine.
Over 100 scientific studies have been published supporting safety and effectiveness of this treatment.
Many famous people such as Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Barcelona star Xavi Hernandez and king Juan Carlos 1of Spain have benefited from the advantages of this technique, then going on with their careers much sooner than traditional treatment would allow. Dr Turner has undergone the necessary training in Spain in order to share the benefits of the same treatments as famous people at Clent Dental care.



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