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    On behalf of the dental team,
    we would like to extend a warm
    welcome to Clent Dental Care.

    Dentist Nathan Turner
  • Our Team

    We have an experienced & dedicated team
    at Clent Dental Care.
    Our Principle Dentist is Dr Nathan Turner.
    Our Practice Manager is Mrs Susan Turner.

    Clent Dentist Team
  • Our Dental Plan

    Adults - £13.99 per month
    (children below 5yrs come free with an adult plan!)
    Children - 5yrs and above
    £5.50 per month

    Hagley Dentist

FREE CONSULTATION With our Treatment co-ordinator at Clent Dental Care

New to Clent Dental Care
FREE CONSULTATION With our Treatment co-ordinator

Why wait until pain starts

We now have a treatment co-ordinator who will offer you a complimentary consultation.
This service is available to new and existing clients.

We acknowledge that coming to the dentist is a stressful situation for most people, people feel reluctant and fearful of seeing the dentist also they may not want to incur the cost of a full consultation fearing they may not like the dentist or the proposed treatment plan.
We want you to build a relationship with the co-ordinator from the time you arrive at our surgery, schedule just half an hour for any advice or just pop in to meet our team and have a tour.
So we aim to minimise this stress by giving you the time you need to discuss your treatment with our knowledgable coordinator, she can talk to you in a non clinical environment and you will be given the time to express your needs or concerns.
She will take into account options, budget needs and your time restraints too.
It is her job to advise you but not to recommend any treatment.
She will help you make an informed choice and have a clear idea of what is best for you.
You may call again, phone or email her until you are happy to make a consultation with the dentist.
Then you will be ready with any questions you may have for the dentist, with the prior knowledge of treatment times, costs and outcomes.
This gives you clear valuable consultation time with the dentist who will then recommend the best for you and take x-rays, clinical measurements etc to help you with your decision.
We will change your perception of dental care.


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British Society for Occlusal Studies
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